Policies and Rules

Due to Circumstances out of Tag20 Sports Association of Australia’s control

Eg. Inclement Weather, Council Ground Closures, Natural Disasters or Acts of Terrorism.

The safety of our players, coaches and spectators is of the utmost importance to Tag20 Sports Association and weather-related decisions are not made lightly.

We will make every effort possible to complete the tournament in some capacity, whether it be a reduced format, or reschedule the tournament to another weekend.

However, it is the council that ultimately makes the final decision.

Tag20 Sports Association Cancellation Policies

Registration Fee

a. If the tournament is cancelled prior to kick off the following will apply

i. Tag20 will refund 50% of the Players Registration, the remaining 50% is retained due to pre-tournament costs that have already been outlaid or incurred.

b. If the tournament has commenced, and play is either halted or a reduced format is played, the following guidelines are used for determining Player Refunds due to weather cancellations or any other cancellation situation:

i. 0 Games Played- 50% Refund of Player Registration only

ii. Less than two hours of the tournament completed – a 30 % Refund of Player Registration

iii. Over two hours of the Tournament completed will be considered an “Official Tournament”
and players are NOT due a Refund.

iv. Any eligible refunds will be finalised within two weeks of cancellation confirmation date.

c. If the tournament is postponed/rescheduled prior to commencement, the following will apply:

i. No refunds of player registrations will be returned prior to the rescheduling of a tournament date.

ii. Once a rescheduled tournament date has been set, for players that may not be able to
attend the rescheduled tournament, Refunds (50% of Player registration) maybe requested by way of:

o filling in of the SPECIFIC TOURNAMENT – Refund Application Form

o then forwarding to tag20central@gmail.com

d. If the rescheduled tournament is cancelled prior to commencement, the following will apply:

i. See Point A above.

e. If the rescheduled tournament has commenced the following will apply:

i. See Point B above.

Please be aware Tag20 takes No Responsibility for costs that may be lost or incurred due to any rescheduling.

Team Entry Fee

a. Specific tournaments incur a Team Entry Fee, this is non-refundable/non-transferable(see Team Entry Fee in REFUND POLICIES)


a. Players may take out your own Insurances in case of Cancellation (personal, travel etc) (see your Insurance Broker or an Insurance Company for details).

Cancellation Refunds

For more Information on Refunds associated with the Cancellation of a Tournament, please see Refund Policies on our website www.tag20.com.au


a. Full uniform refunds will be honoured if Tag20 is notified of your withdrawal prior to:
i. uniform order deadline date – stated in online store & tournament information sheets.

b. No refunds for any uniforms once manufacturing has commenced.

i. You can receive your uniform order after the completion of the tournament,
by way of:

1. Pick up from Tag20 Warehouse in Sydney once a pre-arranged time has been
confirmed or

2. # By post (Registered Mail signature required), at the players expense. Items will be posted once we have received your postage fee. We will calculate the cost & advise you of the bank account for payment.

ii. You will receive your uniform order after the completion of the tournament, as we may have use for your uniform with replacement players or late inclusions & therefore may be able to ON SELL the uniform, allowing us to

1. Refund you in full (if you prefer) or

2. # We will reorder your uniform & supply it to you via post (Registered Mail signature
required), at our expense.

c. If tournament is Cancelled (after manufacturing commencement), Postponed or Rescheduled.

i. Players will have received or will receive their uniform, therefore no refund is due.

NOTE: # = Postal procedures may change in the future, with upgrades to our delivery options via the online store.

Tag20 will publish any updates or new incorporated options when this is confirmed.

Tag20 Sports Association of Australia thank you for your support & understanding.
For any queries contact tag20central@gmail.com