Anzac Cup


April 24, 2023 - April 27, 2023    
All Day

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With the growth of the Sport in Australia, it was inevitable that with players now playing the game in more areas and regions, that to be selected for a Nation there would obviously be more players vying for the available positions.

In the sports infancy the majority of the players available for selection, basically all came from the one area. This has now changed with the evolution and growth of the game.

For the sport of Tag20 this is great, as now there are players competing for positions and unfortunately that leads to good players missing out in the selection process.
Which in turn means the teams will be stronger year by year, which is the ultimate goal we are trying to achieve.

The ANZAC CUP will now become a 3 DAY Tournament

  1. Please Do Not Nominate to be selected if you are unable to attend for the full 3 days of the Tournament.
  2. Do Not Nominate if you can not take this weekend off from any other sport you maybe involved in.
  3. Players that nominate and are selected then pull out for whatever reason may effect any future selection in any Level 3 or above Representative Tournaments
  4. Players will be selected from the IHS / Pacific Cup this year only.
  5. The OHC Oceania Heritage Cup 2023 is where the 2024 Anzac Cup players will be selected from.
  6. Selected Players please be aware that when nominating to be selected that a Non refundable – Non transferable Deposit of $110 is due prior to Monday 13th March 2023. This is to secure your position in the team
  7. AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL MERIT TEAMS will be selected in each grade, 9’s and above from the Anzac Cup 2023. Players will receive an individualised numbered Playing Top

Anzac Cup package $210 per player (package includes Uniform and Registration)

1st Payment $110 deposit (non refundable non transferable) due prior to 13 March*

2nd Payment $100 (see refund policy for details) due 13 April *

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