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2018 ANZAC Gear Catalogue



We have negotiated with the Manufacturer to waive the late fee - due to the short notice.

They have agreed to do so, however as originally stated any orders received after Friday 9th March 2018 will NOT be processed as they will not guarantee on time delivery past this point.

 Click HERE to see the ANZAC Gear Catalogue

Attention NZ Women Representatives - The Catalogue doesn't have photo's of NZ tights.
You can definitely order them
The Item Code for the NZ Tights is NZ04 not NZ10 our mistake.
Apologies to players that have already ordered tights using NZ10 as the code, don't worry we will make the change on your order form. 
The design is exactly the same as the NZ Shorts & the sizing is the same as the Australian tights Item: AU04.

Click HERE to get the ANZAC Gear Sizing Charts

Click HERE to see Gear Measurement Instructions

Note: the images on these instructions are from the NZ Nations Cup Tour & not ANZAC Gear
but the instructions & manufacturer are the same.

Therefore if you went on the NZ Tour the uniform & polo sizes you ordered for that trip,
you should order the same here.

HOODIES are the only garments that we suggest you should re-measure
as the NZ Tour Hoodies where from a different manufacturer.

Click HERE to get the ANZAC Gear Order Form

Instructions for Ordering Gear

STEP ONE:  a) Fill out an Order Form - making sure you include your PTN (Player Tournament Number)

If you are ordering just ONE playing gear item & not a Kit (eg. Playing Tee), place this order under the Extra Gear heading on the Order Form.

If there is not enough lines on the Order Form just fill out another one & email them both in.

b) Scan or take a photo (make sure its CLEAR) of your Order Form(s) and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

STEP TWO:  Make full payment of the GRAND TOTAL amount on your Order Form to the account supplied below.

Westpac   Tag20   MERCHANDISE Account

BSB:  032361   ACC:  384675   Reference: Your PTN  (Player Tournament Number)

PLEASE its most important that you include your PTN as the Reference, this relates directly to you personally and helps the Tag20 Administration keep accurate records of your payments.

Tip: keep a copy of the bank transfer receipt for all payments, so if on request, you will have detailed confirmation records of the payment(s) made.


 If you have any further queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We thank you in advance for your support and co-operation.