State Championship 2023 Uniform: Tights (NSW & QLD)


Uniform early bird pricing ends on August 9th.

SIZES: Please use our supplied Size Chart as our sizes are Tag20 Specific & are definitely different to other sports you may currently purchase from. PLEASE NOTE THAT NUMBER SIZES ARE JUNIOR!


  1. Once Uniforms have been ordered and paid for, the No Refund Policy is activated.
  2. Tag20’s Refund Policy states that there is no refunds due after the order is placed and payment received. However you will receive the uniform that you ordered and paid for prior, at or after the scheduled tournament. (Please see Tag20 Refund Polices for more detailed information).

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.

DEADLINE 10th August for State Championship – MUST USE SIZE CHART

You will receive your uniform from your coach or manager


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